Leaving to Indonesia

Dear friends, this travel diary consists of my journey to Indonesia and Bali Island in the month of June 2018.

Wanted to write about it long ago, but took time sit and put them in writing.

All it started with the invitation from Deepa, my youngest sister who is working in Indonesia, during the Ramadan holiday she asked me join her since it was long 10days holidays for her factory. It took just a week for me to fly Indonesia. No visa required. My flight tickets were booked by her , Bangalore to Jakarta, via Malaysia and solo island Indonesia. Then the changes in work schedule needed to be a cancellation of our plans to tour Bali. My whole plan to travel Indonesia was just to see Bali, couldn’t take no for it. So we rescheduled my tickets, I had to go Bali from Jakarta before going to Solo Surakarata.

Will be sharing my journey with you. Not any exciting, thrilling, but, what I saw, felt, learnt is all is my memories now. I call them all beautiful.

Journey begins here, 11th June 2018, 10pm. My home Sadasivanagr to Airport distance is just 30 km. And takes 30mints at night hour.

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